Business registration services :- BSI Elite Consult

Business registration services

Looking for company registration services in Uganda? You will get plenty of choices. But you need someone well-versed with the constantly evolving rules and procedures set up by Uganda Registration Services Bureau(URSB). If you need the best provider that can take care of all legal formalities and fulfill all the compliances, you should go with BSI Elite Consult. Further, BSI Elite Consult has one of the Uganda’s largest professional legal tech platform that can take all the compliance burden off your shoulders. Additionally, it is not without a reason that BSI Elite Consult registers 10% of all Ugandan companies, that is one company every 72 hours!

Types of Business Registrations

  • Public/Private companies
  • Foreign companies
  • Legal documents (e.g Constitutions, agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, etc)

Benefits Of Registering a Company

  • Obtain legal Identity/status
  • Safeguard your business name by acquiring a trade name.
  • Access opportunities like loans, tenders, financing etc.
  • Business formalization creates more employment opportunities through business expansion.
  • Enables registration for licenses e.g Investment, trading and taxation licenses
  • Better marketing and advertising opportunities for increased clientele
  • Improved competitiveness in the regional market.